Monsoon Transformation Trail with Adesh Shivkar

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When the monsoon arrives, a magnificent transformation sweeps across the forest, breathing new life into every corner. The air becomes heavy with moisture, and the first drops of rain paint the foliage in a shimmering emerald hue. The parched earth eagerly absorbs in the water, and the once-dry riverbeds awaken with a rush of rejuvenating streams. Seeds dormant for months spring to life, bursting through the moistened soil, heralding the arrival of vibrant flora. The canopy, once barren and withered, now thrives with lush foliage, the forest teems with life.

The Monsoon transformation trail is one such unique trail where we get a chance to observe and understand these changes that occur post first rain showers.

Come join Wildlife Expert & mentor Adesh Shivkar sir this Sunday at Tungareshwar Wildlife Sanctuary.

Nearest railway station: Vasai

Pricing: Free

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