Satpool Woodland & Wetland

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About the birding site:

Satpool is a small wetland, forest & shrubland patch located on the banks of Ulhas river. The habitat is home to unique flora and fauna species. Being close to the river it is blessed with a rich wetland habitat that hosts variety of birds throughout the year. The surrounding area is well wooded and hence a mix of species of the wetland and open areas can be found here.

Nearest Train station : Dombivli

Target species expected : Since it is a mix of Wetland & Forest habitat, we would be expecting various nocturnal bird species like Yellow Footed Green Pigeon, Yellow Crowned Woodpecker, Grey Bellied Cuckoo, Plum Headed Parakeets and wetland species like Grey Headed Swamphens, Watercock, Common Moorhens and others.

Pricing : Free Entry

Group Size : 20 Travellers

How to Reach: Share/private autos available from Dombivli west to Mothagaon.

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