In search of Watercock@ Viva Wetlands by Jungle Buddies

Today Mr. Rain was out of town for celebrating its weekend, giving us clear weather to enjoy today’s outing. Although traffic was messing up with members of our group today, Miss watercock made sure it welcomed everyone personally on their arrival. Mid show was various activities  of Slaty-breasted rail, Greater Painted snipes, Cinnamon Bittern, Purple herons etc. But all this while Mr. Watercock was just peeking out of reeds and hiding back inside, teasing us all the time. At the far end of waterbody, all species were congregated to celebrate weekend , party included, many wlWatercocks, Painted snipes,Glossy ibis, all egrets, Pheasant-tailed Jacanas, Swamphens. After some time flock of Pheasant-tailed jacanas came closer and displayed  their mesmerizing  acrobatic bathing display.

In the end we started  walking back to our end point little disappointed with the attitude of Mr watercock, that ispite of wveryone behaved well and waited patiently , it didn’t even come to say hi. But wait Viva never dissappoints anyone. On our last turn we herd a watercock call from nearby reeds, and on scanning reeds we saw one head with red crown popped up, followed by second, then third😃 at one point there wer 4 males and 1 female in front of us, showing every possible activity they could do, one was singing, one was busy chasing female, two males even had territorial  fight in the air. What else one can expect? We return with all happy faces,  celebrated it over cup of tea.

Stay tuned for upcoming monsoon tours with Jungle Buddies.