Karnala Calling! A Birding Adventure with Jungle Buddies

Six enthusiastic birdwatchers joined the Jungle Buddies tour at Karnala Bird Sanctuary on June 30th, 2024! Our main target was the elusive Oriental Dwarf Kingfisher, but even though we didn’t see it this time, the day was still a success!

While a little rain dampened the overall bird activity, it turned into a great opportunity to hone our listening skills. We learned to identify birds by their calls and songs, giving us a deeper understanding of how these fascinating creatures communicate.

And even without the kingfisher, the forest rewarded us with some amazing sightings! We spotted a stunning Golden-fronted Leafbird, the bold Common Woodshrike, the sweet-singing White-rumped Shama, the flashy Black-hooded Oriole, and even a sneaky Jungle Owlet (plus a hilarious Racket-tailed Drongo trying to imitate it!).

Along the way, we also saw many other common birds, making the entire trail a fun and educational experience.

Check out the full list of birds we spotted here: link to eBird checklist.

So, even though the kingfisher played hide-and-seek this time, we learned so much and enjoyed the beauty of Karnala!

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