Viva Wetlands by Jungle Buddies

Jungle Buddies Tours hosted a Viva wetlands bird photography tour on 11 December 2022 and the tour was led by a renowned bird watcher from Viva, Amol Lopes. Even though there was huge congestion and multiple roadblocks on the occasion of the Viva marathon, our participants still managed to reach the meeting point well in time. As we started, we were greeted by the winter migrants Rosy starlings, a species that breeds in parts of north-western Mongolia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, and south of Russia, Ukraine. Being a wetland habitat with good reed beds, the activities of the reed warblers and woodland warblers were at their peak, we had a good opportunity to closely observe an Indian reed warbler, a Blyth reed warbler and a Booted warbler. Common grasshopper warblers who are known for their shy nature were showing their presence with unique reeling calls. Apart from wetlands species, viva wetlands are also a wintering ground for many birds of prey species. The Raptor show began around nine and we were greeted by Greater spotted Eagle, an Indian spotted eagle and a close interaction with Montagu’s Harrier made our day very special. Overall a successful tour completed by Jungle Buddies Tours.

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