Birding Success at Barvi Forest: Spotting the Indian Pitta!

Six excited birders joined our Jungle Buddies Tour to Barvi Forest, all hoping to see the star of the summer season: the Indian Pitta!

The day started off great! We heard several Pittas calling in different directions. Their unique songs filled the morning air like a symphony.

Our patience was quickly rewarded. We spotted an Indian Pitta perched high in a tree! Its colourful feathers made it easy to see. It called loudly, a sight and sound that left us all amazed.

As we explored further, we saw a fantastic variety of other birds. We spotted Cinereous Tits, Common Hawk Cuckoos, Jungle Owlets, White-eyes, and Orange-headed Thrushes. Every new bird added to the excitement of the day. The forest was alive with bird calls and songs, making us feel truly immersed in nature.

The Indian Pitta’s calls echoed through the forest throughout the day, a reminder of summer’s beauty. This trip was a huge success! We saw a wide variety of birds and had the amazing experience of witnessing the Indian Pitta in its natural home.

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