In Search of Matheran Herpetofauna l July 2023

Tour Report: Matheran Herpetofauna Tour – 8th to 9th July 2023

On 8th July 2023, our tour began with great excitement and anticipation. Participants gathered at Hotel Springwood Heritage by 12-12.30 PM, where they checked in and settled into their rooms. After a delicious lunch, the group had a warm and friendly introduction session, getting to know each other’s interests in herpetofauna.

In the late afternoon, around 4-4.30 PM, the group ventured out to explore the diverse flora and fauna of Matheran. Led by our expert guides, the participants witnessed the breathtaking beauty of the Western Ghats and encountered a variety of fascinating creatures. They spotted Northern Western Ghats vine snakes, Beddome’s cat snakes, Bamboo Pit Vipers, Rat snakes, Indian Ornamental tarantula, Banded Geckos, Ghate’s Bush frog, Indian toad, Indian bullfrog, Indian balloon frog, and many more.

As the day continued, the group’s enthusiasm didn’t wane. After a hearty dinner, they engaged in another round of enlightening sessions that extended till midnight. The participants were captivated by the knowledge shared by our expert Saunak Pal and the unique insights into the region’s rich biodiversity.

Day 2 started with a hearty breakfast, and the group set out for another herpetofauna session, eager to make more discoveries. The tour culminated in a memorable experience filled with amazing sightings and unforgettable moments. They spotted an array of bird species like the White-rumped shama, Malabar whistling thrush, Orange-headed thrush, Brown-cheeked fulvetta, and many more flora species that added to the overall splendour of the tour.

Before lunch, the participants returned to the hotel to pack their belongings and keep their bags at the reception. After a delicious meal, it was time to bid farewell to the enchanting Matheran with hearts filled with gratitude for the incredible journey.

The Matheran Herpetofauna Tour left the participants with lasting memories and a deeper appreciation for the diverse and fascinating wildlife that thrives in the region. Jungle Buddies Tours continues to strive to provide exceptional experiences for nature enthusiasts, and we look forward to welcoming more adventurers on our future tours.


  • 39 Northern Western ghats vine snake
  • 2 Beddome’s cat snake
  • 2 Bamboo Pit Viper
  • 1 Rat snake
  • 1 Indian Ornamental tarantula
  • 2 Banded Gecko
  • Ghate’s Bush frog
  • Indian toad
  • Indian bullfrog
  • Indian balloon frog
  • White rumped shama
  • Malabar whistling thrush
  • Orange headed thrush
  • Brown cheeked fulvetta and many more flora species

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