Raptor Watch at Haji Malang Hills

On the morning of February 11, 2024, Jungle Buddies Tours organized an exciting Raptor Watch event at Haji Malang, drawing bird enthusiasts and nature lovers to explore the avian wonders of the area. The trail kicked off on a high note with the sighting of a Greater Spotted Eagle and a Short-Toed Snake Eagle perched in close proximity, setting the tone for a day filled with remarkable encounters.

The skies were bustling with activity as flocks of Black Headed Buntings, Tree Pipits, Scaly Breasted Munias, and Yellow Throated Sparrows added a splash of colour to the landscape. A pair of Western Marsh Harriers added to the thrill by diving into the grass, likely on the hunt for a morning meal. The exploration of shrublands brought about more exciting discoveries, including a Grey Necked Bunting and another lively flock of Black Headed Buntings, accompanied by the Baya Weavers.

The adventure took an unexpected turn as participants stumbled upon a pair of Spotted Owlets, presenting a rare and enchanting photo opportunity. The excitement continued to escalate with the spotting of additional raptors, including the Indian Spotted Eagle, Shikra, Montagu, and Pallid Harriers, as well as the majestic Steppe Eagle.

Raptor Photography at Haji Malang - Birds of prey

The Raptor Quest lived up to its name, providing a fruitful and diverse birdwatching experience. As the temperature rose, the decision was made to conclude the day’s activities, leaving participants with a treasure trove of memories and a deep appreciation for the rich birdlife that graced Haji Malang on that memorable day.

Ebird Checklist: https://ebird.org/checklist/S161179280

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