Forest Owlet and More at Tansa Wildlife Sanctuary

Jungle Buddies Tours organized a bird-watching tour to Tansa Wildlife Sanctuary on February 11, 2024. We began our road journey from Atgaon train station around 6:45 AM to reach Tansa. As it was a deciduous forest, the trees were leafless, making it the perfect time to spot the shy Forest Owlet, which usually hides behind the leaves of teak trees. We explored the forest patch of Quarry Pada, which is believed to be home to at least 3-4 pairs. At Jungle Buddies, we have been observing two pairs for the last five years. The bird-watching activity was at its peak, but the temperature was warm even at 7:30 AM. We spotted our first Forest Owlet around 8 AM, and within minutes, we saw another individual in a nearby tree. The owlet, known for its shy nature, was somehow not bothered by the labourers who dug trenches for the plantation. For almost 15-20 minutes, our group of five travellers observed the bird, which was nicely relaxed, preening, and just being an owlet.

Apart from Forest Owlets, we also came across White-eyed Buzzards, Crested Tree Swifts, Eurasian Crag Martin, Alpine Swifts, Plum-headed Parakeets, and Yellow-throated Swallows. We ended our bird-watching session with some of the best memories of Tansa Wildlife Sanctuary.

Join our next Tansa birding adventures with Jungle Buddies Tours in March 2024. Stay tuned to Jungle Buddies website – for more details.


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