Dusk Birding at Matheran Hills with Jungle Buddies Tours

Many people think birdwatching is only for mornings, but dusk is a fantastic time to see birds too! After the hot midday sun, especially in Mumbai summers, birds become active again as they prepare for nightfall. This makes it a perfect time for watching and photographing them!

To experience this evening birding activity, Jungle Buddies Tours hosted a special dusk tour to Matheran Hills, a beautiful eco-zone just an hour from Mumbai.

We gathered around 5:30 pm and explored areas like Simpsons Tank, Valley View, and the area behind MTDC. Throughout the trail, we spotted many resident birds like White-rumped Shamas, Brown-cheeked Fulvettas, White-cheeked Barbets, and Red-whiskered Bulbuls. 

In the valley area, we even saw a pair of impressive Sheen Falcons! Near the waterhole, we spotted birds like Nilgiri Wood Pigeons, Indian Blackbirds, and Orange-headed Thrushes.

Nilgiri wood pigeon

As the sun began to set, we heard the calls of the Indian Blue Robin, and could see a Blue Mormon butterfly and later, we managed to photograph a Brown Wood Owl at the end of the trail.

Brown wood owl

Overall, it was a very successful tour, and our happy travellers left great feedback, saying: “Had a good experience with Prathamesh and the team at Matheran. Recommendable!”

eBird Checklist – https://ebird.org/checklist/S170656479

Photos Credits – Dnyaneshwar Thongire

Join our summer birding adventures with Jungle Buddies Tours this May Stay tuned to Jungle Buddies website for more details.

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