Viva Monsoon Magic: A Birding Adventure Despite the Rain! ️

The monsoon may test our limits, but for dedicated birders, it’s a chance to witness nature’s beauty unfold! Our recent Viva wetland walk on June 23rd, 2024, was a testament to that.

Though rain kept us company most of the way, the spirit of our group remained high! The love for birds brought together people of all ages and backgrounds, creating a fantastic atmosphere.

We waded through mud, climbed mini “mountains” of it (thanks to the rain!), and even shielded our cameras – all to catch glimpses of our feathered friends.

And what a sight it was! We observed stunning Pheasant-tailed and Bronze-winged Jacanas strutting about, Lesser Whistling Ducks zipping by, and colourful Swamphens and Moorhens adding vibrancy to the scene. 🪶

Yellow Bitterns surprised us with quick raids, while Tricolored Munias and Black-breasted Weavers put on a show in the reeds.

Our main target, the Watercock, kept us guessing with its amazing hide-and-seek skills! We finally spotted two females, but the males were a challenge. Thankfully, after some “false alarms” with peeking Moorhens, a male Watercock flew right across our path, giving us an unforgettable view before disappearing into the reeds!

Despite the rain and mud, in just over 2 hours, we managed to observe a whopping 40 bird species! Check out the full list –

Viva may be facing challenges, but the beauty of nature and the passion of birdwatchers like you keep its spirit alive! 

Photo Credits – Himanshu SSJ and Dr Kartik Krishnan

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