Free Bird Walk at Bhopar



About the birding site:

The Bhopar tekdi is a small hillock and plateau in the Dombivli city. This shrubland habitat is the abode of various species of flora and fauna.

What to Expect?

With its diverse ecosystem and abundant food sources, Bhopar shurbland is an ideal habitat for approximately 100 to 150 species of birds. The plateau and hillock are habitats for different species of wetland and shrubland birds, such as the impressive Painted Storks, Jungle Bush Quails, Prinias, Cisticolas, robins, chats, and many others.

What is the plan?

  • Meet Jungle Buddies Expert at the Bhopar Tekdi mandir by 4.30 PM
  • Birding in the shrublands till 6.30 PM.
  • End the tour with a group picture and happy memories with Jungle Buddies.

Pricing: Free Entry

Nearest railway station: Dombivli

Group Size: 20 Participants

How to Register: Click on Join Our Tours Tabs – Registration opens at 9 PM on 14 April 2024.