Raptor Watch at Haji Malang Hills

Jungle Buddies hosted yet another captivating Raptor watching tour at Haji Malang, commencing our journey in the early morning with anticipation for bird sightings. Due to the cold weather, the birds maintained a hushed presence, leading us to our first encounter with a Siberian Stonechat. Unfortunately, the lighting didn’t favor photography, prompting us to press on in search of other avian wonders.

Our exploration unveiled a charming scene as a flock of Red Naped Ibis foraged on the ground, accompanied by sightings of a Marsh Harrier and Indian Robins. A serendipitous discovery occurred when one of our fellow travelers spotted a Barn Owl nestled within a tree, allowing for a series of captivating photographs. Respecting its tranquility, we decided to leave the owl undisturbed in its concealed refuge.

Continuing our journey, we encountered a raptor perched far away. What initially seemed to be a Greater Spotted Eagle turned out to be a Booted Eagle. Another photo-worthy moment presented itself with a Short Toed Snake Eagle perched in the open, later attracting the attention of a Booted Eagle in a fascinating interaction. The day continued to unfold with a delightful encounter with Baya Weavers, including the distinctive Black Breasted Weavers.

The diverse sightings persisted with a Spotted Owlet pair and a Shikra adding to our birdwatching adventure. As the day progressed, we marveled at the spectacle of raptors taking flight, including the graceful Black Winged Kite, Indian Spotted Eagles, Greater Spotted Eagles, and Booted Eagles soaring on thermals. A mysterious bird perched on a pylon revealed itself to be the majestic Imperial Eagle, providing a breathtaking finale to our day.

With a collection of remarkable raptor sightings and cherished photographs, our journey concluded as we made our way back home, reminiscing about the beauty of nature and avian wonders.

Ebird Checklist: https://ebird.org/checklist/S159437690

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