Free Bird Walk @ Umbarli Hills, Dombivli

Every month for the past 10+ years, we at “Bird Of Thane & Raigad district,” a Facebook community hosted by Jungle Buddies Tours, have been holding free bird walks in various birding hotspots across Mumbai Metropolitan. Umbarli Hills is a small hillock on the edge of Dombivli city. It is the last remaining habitat for grassland birds. We at Jungle Buddies Tours Hosted a  free bird walk at Umbarli Hills, Dombivili on 27 Aug 2023and we would like to share some of the highlights from this morning’s event:

– Cinnamon Bittern

– Drongo Cuckoo

– Painted Francolins

– And many more!

We welcome all bird enthusiasts to join us in exploring the fascinating world of birds.

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