Bird Watching at Mumbra Hills by Jungle Buddies Tours

As a part of the monthly tradition of free bird walks, Jungle Buddies tour hosted a raptor watch at the famous Mumbra Devi Hills. Known as a hotspot for raptor lovers, the mountains provided us with the perfect opportunity to observe wintering birds of prey. Despite the weather taking a toll and raining heavily the night before, a group of 10 travellers braved the conditions and joined us for the walk. To our surprise, the weather turned out to be fine and we were able to spot some raptors as well. We saw a dark Aquila in flight which later turned out to be a spotted eagle, followed by Shikra, an Amur falcon, a Common Buzzard, White-eyed buzzard, a Kestrel, a Greater spotted Eagle, and lastly a Shaheen Falcon.

Mumbra HillsGreater spotted eagle Common Iora

During the walk, we had insightful discussions on the identification of different raptor species, the importance of body ratio in identification, and migration, and some interesting facts about parenting in birds of prey. It was a fruitful weekend for our travellers, and we hope everyone enjoyed themselves as much as we did. Despite the adverse weather conditions, the enthusiasm of our group and the beautiful sights we witnessed made it all worthwhile. We can’t wait for our next bird walk!

Grey Necked bunting

eBird Checklist

Thanks to Lakmikant Davane for the photographs

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  1. Laxmikant Dawane

    Thank you #JungleBuddies for this bird walk. It was insightful as always. Getting to know the importance of the Mumbra hills for migratory and resident birds was interesting.
    Thank you Prathamesh for your time and information shared. These trips are always ‘time well spent’.
    Looking forward for more such trips.

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