Free Bird Walk at Kopar Creek

Jungle Buddies hosted yet another free trail on Sunday, 3rd December at Kopar creek. The trail commenced with the sighting of the elegant Grey-headed Swamphen in the marshes, setting a promising tone for the day. As the group progressed, they were delighted to observe common snipes and yellow wagtails, adding diversity to the bird species encountered.
One of the highlights of the trail was the sighting of the vibrant red munia and the graceful Blue-tailed Bee-eaters, captivating the participants with their striking colors. The bird enthusiasts were fortunate to witness three distinct species of Munia – Red, Scaly-breasted, and Tri-colored, showcasing the rich avian biodiversity of the region.
Advancing towards the creek, the group encountered a Shikra and a Bluethroat, further enhancing the birding experience. At the mudflats, the participants had the opportunity to observe waders such as Common Greenshank, Common redshanks, Glossy Ibis, and Little Ringed Plovers, providing a comprehensive view of the diverse birdlife thriving in the area.
In summary, the free trail at Kopar Creek proved to be a highly productive session of birding, offering participants a chance to connect with nature and witness a variety of bird species.
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