Forest Owlet Found! Unforgettable Birding in Tansa Wildlife Sanctuary

A Private Tour Trip Report

Jungle Buddies Tours treated a guest from the UK to an unforgettable private birding adventure in the warm glow of a winter day at Tansa Wildlife Sanctuary. The morning began with a magical moment – spotting the elusive Forest Owlet, both admired and captured in stunning photos.

Forest Owlet Tansa Wildlife sanctuary

The journey continued with Plum-headed Parakeets feasting gracefully on the ground, while shy Indian Peafowls foraged in the fields, showing a rare bashfulness compared to their city cousins. As Jungle Owlet calls echoed through the forest, the tour circled the quarry, revealing opportunities to photograph striking Asian Openbills, Red-naped Ibis, Crested Serpent Eagles, Purple Sunbirds, and charming Red-breasted Flycatchers, among others.

Under the rising heat, the group enjoyed a delicious lunch outside the sanctuary, where Little Swifts and Indian Rollers perched by the road added to the avian charm. Back within the sanctuary, they sought the elusive Malabar Trogon on a new trail. Though the Trogon remained hidden, the path wasn’t dull. A pair of Puff-throated Babblers, a vibrant Green Warbler, and a Black-naped Monarch were busy at lunchtime. The Large-billed Leaf Warbler surprised everyone with its distinct call, breaking the trail’s silence.

Forest Owlet Found! Unforgettable Birding in Tansa Wildlife Sanctuary

Their owl search was rewarded with another encounter – a perched Crested Serpent Eagle, perfect for stunning photos. White-bellied Drongos, Common Woodshrikes, and Golden-fronted Leafbirds created a lively foraging scene in a mixed flock. The photography continued with a cooperative Racket-tailed Drongo and a gathering of Cinereous Tits on a fallen tree.

As the sun dipped behind the Tansa hills, casting a captivating light, the birdwatchers captured their final shots. Leaving with memories of diverse bird encounters and the sanctuary’s enchanting beauty, the tour ended, leaving a treasure trove of cherished moments for all.

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