Bird Watching in Matheran Hills

Trip Report – 7 Jan 2024

Five lucky birdwatchers joined Jungle Buddies Tours for Bird Watching in Matheran Hills on January 7th for a delightful hike through the green hills of Matheran. It was a day filled with chirps, songs, and splashes of colour as we explored the world of our feathered friends.

Bird Watching in Matheran Hills

Among the stars of the show were the shy Humes Warbler, its sweet song barely a whisper in the breeze. The Malabar Whistling Thrush sang its clear tune, filling the air with music. We spotted the Sulphur-bellied Warbler, a tiny bandit hiding in the leaves, and the Verditer Flycatcher, a bright blue gem perched on a branch. The graceful Indian Paradise Flycatcher fluttered by with its long tail, and for a lucky few, even the rare Indian Tree Shrew peeked out from the shadows.

Bird Watching in Matheran Hills

Want to relive our feathered frenzy? Check out the full list of birds we saw here:

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Jungle Buddies Tours invites you to join us on future adventures and discover the joy of birdwatching firsthand.

So come along, listen to the songs, watch the wings flutter, and experience the magic for yourself in your next adventure with Jungle Buddies Tours!

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