A Birding Bonanza at Karnala Bird Sanctuary

Six eager bird enthusiasts, ready with binoculars and brimming with excitement, joined Jungle Buddies Tours on a crisp April morning (April 14th, 2024) to explore the wonders of Karnala Bird Sanctuary. Nestled in a beautiful forest, the sanctuary promised a day filled with the sights and sounds of the avian world.


We started early to make the most of the cool morning hours, the prime time for spotting birds. As we ventured deeper into the lush forest, every rustle of leaves and distant chirp heightened our anticipation. Our efforts were soon rewarded! A pair of Red Spurfowl, adding a splash of colour to the forest floor, caught our eyes first. We then spotted several Grey-fronted Green Pigeons perched high in the trees, their calls echoing through the canopy.

Karnala bird sanctuary

The day continued to amaze us. Tiny, vibrant Vigors Sunbirds darted between colourful flowers while dazzling Golden-fronted Leaf Birds flitted through the branches with impressive agility. A heartwarming discovery was a nesting pair of Rose-ringed Parakeets, their vibrant feathers a testament to the beauty of nature. We also observed a pair of White-bellied Drongos with their contrasting black and white plumage, meticulously choosing a nesting site.

Karnala bird sanctuary

As the temperature began to rise, a Brown-capped Pygmy Woodpecker kept us company, giving us ample time to observe its fascinating behaviour. The melodious song of the White-rumped Shama filled the air as we continued our exploration, providing the perfect finale to a day brimming with unforgettable birdwatching experiences.

With hearts full of wonder and memories etched in our minds, we bid farewell to Karnala Bird Sanctuary. It was a truly incredible experience, witnessing the magic of the avian world in all its glory.

eBird Checklist – https://ebird.org/india/checklist/S168540428

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