Haji Malang – Raptor Watch

One of the last remaining grassland around Dombivli city, Haji Malang offers a mix of grassland, Shrubland and wetland habitats hosting a huge number of migratory and resident species. Over the years around 150 species of birds have been recorded from this location including a few rare visitors to our region. It serves as one of the best location for a session of couple hours of birding.



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About the location:

Located at distance of 8 km from Kalyan city is a historical fort of Malang gad. History dates it back to being constructed during 7th century AD by King Naladev of Maurya Dynasty, the fort is part of the mountain range which also includes Matheran hills. In the 12th century, Haji Abdur Rahaman, a Sufi saint from Yemen, chanced upon this hill and made it his base. It is believed that these hills were originally thrice its size but were magically scaled by the saint. In his memory, devotees built a shrine – Haji Malang Dargah, a popular pilgrimage site today. The spectacular mountain view is surrounded by vast patches of small scrublands and tall grass. These scrublands are best when it comes to raptor watching or observing small scrubland species.

Nearest Train station: Dombivli

What to expect: Since these are massive scrubland landscapes, we would be expecting various ground-dwelling species like pipits, larks, quails, partridges, prinias, robins, buntings, shrikes, weavers and finches.

Pricing: INR 1400/-

Group Size: 5 Participants + 1 Leader

Itinerary: Meet Jungle Buddies Naturalist @ Morvica Sarees Shop, just outside Dombivli East @ 7.00 AM. Drive to Haji Malang Hills 45 minutes’ drive. Reach @ Kharad Gavdevi Temple near Haji Malang- A quick introduction about the tour. Our naturalist shall take you to Malang scrublands, explore the rich birdlife around the last refuge of scrubland birds in Mumbai region. As the heat takes the toll, we will end the tour with a group selfie and with some happy memories with Jungle Buddies

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